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Three more plans released as Reef Trust Partnership progresses

 Three more plans released as Reef Trust Partnership progresses

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation today released three more plans that outline how it will communicate and engage, monitor and evaluate and prevent fraud as part of the Reef Trust Partnership.

The plans have been lodged and published in accordance with the requirements of the grant agreement in place for the Reef Trust Partnership. 

In the seven months since the announcement of the Partnership, the Foundation has consulted on and released eight plans as well as an Activity Chart as part of the Governance requirements under the Agreement. 

This is in addition to commencing a grant process for water quality programs and calling for Expressions of Interest to establish a Traditional Owner Working Group.
The Foundation will also be releasing the Investment Strategy in January, the final Monitoring and Evaluation plan in March and the Annual Work Plans in June of each year for the life of the Partnership.

GBRF Managing Director Anna Marsden said, “Australians are passionate about saving the Reef so we need to communicate the challenges it faces, as well as the ways we can all work together to address them.” 

More information on the three plans is featured below.

Communication and Engagement Plan

The Communication and Engagement Plan outlines the high-level objectives and activities of the GBRF in delivering its agreed outcomes under the six years of the Reef Trust Partnership (2018-2024).

“The community is often aware of the challenges facing the reef but not necessarily the scientific research and conservation projects that are directed at providing solutions. This has been a continuing message from scientists, tourism operators, the community, government agencies and advisory bodies,” Ms Marsden said.

“There is a strong desire for a more constructive, consistent and hopeful narrative and for steps to be taken to engage all parts of the community in this major conservation effort. 
“Communication and genuine engagement will underpin the Partnership’s success and will build a platform that inspires Australians to take positive action to contribute to Reef protection and restoration.

“Strong community understanding and engagement also helps the Foundation pursue one of its core objectives – raising additional funds through philanthropy, capital raising and delivery partners in the service of reef restoration.

The Plan details how this narrative will be delivered through earned media, direct communication and social media channels. There is no paid advertising campaign.

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (Stage 1)

Monitoring and evaluation is an intrinsic part of the program cycle of any initiative (project, program or strategy). To manage the performance of the Partnership, we need to understand whether the Partnership is achieving its intended results and when it is needed, modify the Partnership’s activities. 

Monitoring and evaluation will help the program team determine whether the Partnership is on track to achieving its intended outcomes and will provide information to help steer the Partnership in the desired direction. 

“Both monitoring and evaluation will support the improvement and adaptive management of the Partnership” Ms Marsden said.

Fraud Prevention Plan

The Fraud Prevention Plan is consistent with GBRF’s Fraud, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy and the controls described within it are based on the application of GBRF’s Risk Management Plan.

“As outlined in the Fraud and Corruption policy, GBRF is committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviour and full compliance with law in all aspects of its business” Ms Marsden said.

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