Working with Traditional Owners and communities

Working with Traditional Owners and communities

Genuine co-design and co-delivery partnerships with Traditional Owners and Reef communities result in better, stronger and more enduring outcomes.

Reef Traditional Owners have been caring for land and sea Country for more than 60,000 years, using Traditional Knowledge passed down through ancestral lines for millennia.

#Our 2030 ambitions

Elevate the role and influence of First Nations Peoples and local communities in Australia, the Pacific and beyond.

Create sustainable, long-term funding for Indigenous-led conservation work on the Great Barrier Reef.

Amplify the critical contribution Indigenous women make as knowledge-holders and caretakers of Country.

#Our impact so far

We've engaged 30,000+ community members via 46,000+ volunteer hours in Australia's largest community Reef effort.


We've partnered with 49 Reef Traditional Owner groups managing COTS, improving water quality and planting corals.

We've formed partnerships in Belize, Palau and New Caledonia to help Traditional Custodians and communities protect reefs.

It's time to act

#It's time to act

We're deeply committed to supporting the rights and ambitions of Indigenous Peoples and communities and the invaluable contributions their voices and actions make to conserving life on Earth.

#Support our work with Traditional Owners and communities

Turtle on the Reef with Staghorn coral

#Help her survive the heat

The Great Barrier Reef is fighting for life and we are fighting for her future.