The world's first autonomous underwater drone dedicated to Reef protection.


#The project

RangerBot is the world’s first vision-based underwater robotic system designed specifically for coral reef environments. Its unique design and intuitive user interface provides coral reef mangers, researchers, and community groups with a targeted, affordable and reconfigurable solution for upscaling monitoring and management of reef ecosystems worldwide.

This ‘Swiss army knife’-style robo reef protector, the RangerBot Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, will provide reef managers, researchers and community groups extra ‘hands and eyes’ in the water to:

  • control pests like the Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish,
  • monitor reef health indicators like coral bleaching and water quality, and
  • map expansive underwater areas at scales not previously possible.

RangerBot is unlike current manual, expensive acoustics-based, single-purpose solutions. The project will take a quantum technology leap to create the only fully autonomous, affordable, multi-function solution for effectively detecting and addressing threats to coral reefs.

The project will make RangerBot widely available and accessible to reef communities worldwide.

#The Evolution

#Project partners

Queensland University of Technology